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Background tasks idle
System Maintenance
Thumbnail count:
Pi model:
Raspberry Pi Zero W Rev 1.1
Pi Linux version:
Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)
Pi hostname:
Pi available storage:
12.4 GB
Pi uptime:
25 days, 5:04:38
Pi on at (hour):
Pi on for (minutes):
Arduino date/time:
2023 Mar 31 16:53:34
Pi date/time:
2023 Mar 31 16:53:35
Camera date/time:
2023 Mar 31 16:53:38
Current PC date/time is
(Enter "Sayonara!")

If you request a reboot, the Arduino first shuts down the Pi, reboots itself, then restarts the Pi. The Pi will then run for a further 05 minutes.

intvlm8r version:
libgphoto2 version:
python-gphoto2 version:

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